Programme Approach


Celebrating my unique potential and purpose

“What is true of the individual, will be tomorrow true of the whole nation, if individuals will refuse to lose heart and hope.” Mahatma Gandhi

  • Defining Myself : Sharing My Strengths and Knowing and growing my Weaknesses
  • Impactful Leadership
  • The Value of Values
  • Breaking Through Barriers
  • What’s Age Got to do with it?
  • Intervention vs Prevention
  • Being the legacy which blesses the Future
  • Using What I have
  • What I put In…
  • My Responsibility vs My Right
  • Realising my full potential and purpose
  • Acknowledging differences
  • Sharing MY Inspirational Journey


As Inspired Individuals, we seek social cohesion

“I can do things you cannot do, you can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.” Mother Theresa

  • Fostering social development and cohesion through much needed human capital
  • Connecting to make the change - Reflecting on the importance of partnering
  • Towards a literate nation
  • The Neglected element: People
  • Accountability Acknowledged
  • Shared Values
  • Leading by example – as a sibling, a parent, a spouse, a team member, leader- titled or untitled, corporate, business large or small, religious, secular, non profit, for profit or hybrid
  • From Vision to Reality: Seeking Sustainable Solutions, together
  • Growing through Real Relationships and reaching out
  • Meaningful mentoring and support systems
  • Communities of Practise
  • Our Shared Stories

DAY 3: CALL TO COLLABORATE: Partnering for progress

Collaboration of human capital and social cohesion leading to economic wealth

“Conversation is the catalyst for innovation.” John Seely-Brown

  • The power of the collective
  • Purposeful partnering
  • Creative Collaboration
  • WIN – What’s important now ?
  • Sharing inspiring stories of effective partnering and collaboration
Please contact our Programme Chair, Joan Wright on +27(0)72 040 3169 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on the WITF 2014 Programme.