Mhani Gingi Organisational Profile

The Power of The Collective – Creating Human and Economic Wealth Together

Who we are

The Mhani Gingi Social Entrepreneurial Network was established in South Africa in August 2004 by Founding Director, Lillian Masebenza, and officially launched in April 2006. Lillian sees her social entrepreneurial organisation becoming a renowned leader in providing innovative solutions and business opportunities aimed at alleviating poverty within the global society.

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To be a renowned leader in providing innovative solutions towards eradicating poverty within the global society, aligned to the South African National Development Plan guidelines and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.


Empowering individuals to make informed decisions and improve the quality of their lives through the “power of the collective”.

What we do

Mhani Gingi focuses on collective impact to tackle social challenges for sustainable change. We understand that large-scale social transformation comes from collaboration and better cross-sector coordination rather than from the isolated intervention of an individual organisation. We actively partner with communities, like-minded organisations and government to generate true alignment and powerful results.

The ‘Power of The Collective’

By leveraging the “power of the collective” Mhani Gingi empowers individuals to realise that through working together they become more influential – in respect of social impact, relationships, skills, finance and negotiating power!

Who we work with

Primary target group: Marginalised women; youth who are unskilled, under-skilled or unemployed; vulnerable groups such as children, people living with disability, and the aged.

Secondary target group: Businesses and corporations, locally and internationally; individuals running their own businesses; governments; academia; international collaborators and partners; sponsors, grant makers and philanthropists locally and internationally; social entrepreneurs.

We link the latter to our primary target group, which represents a considerable and untapped market of opportunities.

What is unique about us

Mhani Gingi provides tailor-made training modules, coaching and mentorship to help change people’s mindsets and improve their skillsset. Network members are encouraged to apply their newfound skills to “use what they have” to improve their relationships, businesses and the communities they live in.


Mhani Gingi’s programmes

Mhani Gingi leverages off its 3 Programme areas to address the social challenges at their source. Programmes are focused on three main initiatives:

1. Social Responsibility - Social Upliftment

To ensure that we grow an adult society where there is self-belief and self-esteem, we need to start with the youth.

Our Social Responsibility programmes have an ambitious mission to implement practical initiatives at every stage of a person’s life, from “infancy to independence.” We focus on caring for our vulnerable groups, particularly Early Childhood Development and our youth to equip young people of all ages to listen to their heart, believe in themselves and find their voice.

2. Flagship Projects - Environmental Sustainability

The Flagship Programme promotes better nutritional practices at all levels to enhance direct and immediate access to food by the most needy.

Through the development of community gardens and environmental awareness initiatives it is hoped that as communities are taught how to produce and eat healthy food, more and more opportunistic diseases, caused by lack of nutrition, will be eradicated. Hence living by the mantra of “Prevention is better than cure!”

3. Network Member Initiatives - Enterprise Development

The Network Member Initiatives strive to eradicate chronic poverty through the provision of business and technical skills necessary for members to produce high quality products and services. Mhani Gingi actively promotes these products and services and provides linkages to institutions, both nationally and internationally, to open up new markets, strategic partnerships and funding opportunities.

The Mhani Gingi Social Entrepreneurial Model

Mhani Gingi encourages individuals to become creators of wealth and shareholders in their own businesses – rather than consumers of goods and services and suppliers of labour. Mhani Gingi’s unique model adapts a collective saving method based on an indigenous practice in South Africa called stokvel. The approach comprises 1) an investment component that multiplies members’ chances of profit through a structured savings scheme, and 2) a skills development aspect that equips members to operate sustainable business operations independently of Mhani Gingi.

Our pioneering concepts

  • Promoting social cohesion and ownership for people to empower themselves;
  • Innovatively marrying indigenous knowledge with business concepts through technical and soft skills development, coaching and mentorship;
  • Bringing together big business, corporations and government, locally and internationally, to do business with the skilled network members.